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Song of the Sea

Immediately after the birth of Sirshi, her mother completely disappeared. The girl grew up along with his older brother Ben, who blames her that mother left them, father, that souls are not appearing in it and a dog named Ku. The family lives in a lighthouse and only sometimes reminisces about events that occurred many years ago. The girl lived a quiet life without even guessing about his true vocation.

On the sixth day of birth Sirshi, Grandma came to congratulate his granddaughter. Father left their children under the care of his grandmother, but the girls managed to escape from it, it led to the sea. And going into it, it turned into a seal. The girl turned out to be selkoj-good mythical creature that can transform from a human in seal and vice versa. Father to protect their children, sent them together with her grandmother is inland, away from the sea. From this day Sirshi life changed completely, because it began an incredible Adventure. The girl and her brother Ben has to overcome many obstacles and dangers, but also encounter magical creatures in existence which is hard to believe. And all this they would overcome in order to return back to the sea.

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