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The Adventurers

The elusive perpetrator of international class Ben Zhang was arrested for interfering in the case of a third party. After release, he decided not to leave old habits. Thief collects a small team of talented criminals with whom he goes to Cannes. There he provorachivaet another big case and steals with well-protected Vault a rare jewel that is estimated at several million euros. On the trail of the robbers is a French policeman Pierre Bisset, specializing in Museum theft. It has long been trying to squeeze Zhang, which constantly turns out to be one step ahead. After the failure in Cannes, Pierre is difficult for bosses, as required of it by an immediate result.

Realizing that he can not cope with the gang of robbers, Inspector Bisset turn to former girlfriend Zhang, which not so long ago he cheated. Using female Pierre wants to not only get closer to your opponent, but delay his entire team. To do so would be extremely difficult because Zhang always tries to act with caution and consider a backup plan. He prepares new big case, after which you can safely retire and enjoy life. Prevent it can only play Pierre.

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