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Never Here

At the influential European politician in the family suchilos terrible grief, kidnapped his daughter. According to it is in the hands of criminals involved in the slave trade. Bednjazhku sold to work in bardele. The father is not going to rely only on law enforcement, he hires a former FBI agent. The man sure but this lad cope with confusing, difficult. The protagonist agrees to the conditions and sends Dad in search of the missing ladies. However, the poor fellow doesn't represent what tests to pass. Over the years he has seen a lot of hardship, but it will be his most risky work a deal.

With great difficulty mercenary managed to find the place where hide concubines. For these beauties boss paid a great amount of money, he will not allow the brash private detective deprive him of profits. The villain is not understood who ran. He did not escape from justice. It is planned to shove. To confront connect powerful patrons of the mafia. They have this tremendous interest, as well as the kidnappers have personal scores with the power-that-Mr. It will be a bloody struggle. Will the brave, dashing officer save the innocent victims of violence?

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