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The DEA is an elite squad of special forces drug control that during multiple operations managed to cool rally. Fighters here are led by John Wharton, or simply "Brichera" always ready to support and cover up for each other, and the Chief of his love, so it is not surprising that most of the squad have a reputation that is positive. After one of the heads of drug cartel turns out to be arrested and put behind bars, a squad of DEA rushes into the premises of a cartel and finds there is not only an impressive batch of drugs, but 10 million. dollars revenue.

So good luck greetings cost, which the fighters exchanged immediately, but in the long term, the operation has resulted in serious problems. Firstly, the agents soon were attacked, and the money was gone, and secondly, the main suspects in this clouded the steel itself Brecher and his loyal fighters are people who had access to the confiscated money and believes that the bosses, it is capable of a theft.

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