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The Only Living Boy in New York

It is very difficult to live with a man who has a complex character, which you cannot break or injure, which will not allow itself to be weak and would not go even on the smallest concessions. Such people popularly called simply lonely. Independent, strong, persistent and courageous people, tend to have a very difficult fate.For him there is nothing more expensive than clear principles built. In life its always surrounds at least people, he is unlucky in love, and everything is not going right.

Max first felt that such a betrayal. Easing conflict with management, he gets eight years in prison. It is well managed area to temper the character hero, where he gets a nickname. After liberation, is embedded in the criminal grouping which distributing slaves in brothels. Its goal is the destruction of the gang from the inside.In addition to the Max in parallel this case deals with an investigator. In addition, there is a third force is the Chief of police. He manages to complicate life. But, in spite of difficult tests, the protagonist should clearly on its path, it requires no regrets and repents not repented and not waiting for concessions from fate. When around betrayal, when a friend turns out to be the enemy, at which ohotishsja-friend, trust and hope can be only on their own strength.

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