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Youth company, friends since childhood, often spend time together. Travels and pastime in the lap of nature, parties and birthdays is all what they love to do. But what they came into his head, assumes all reasonable framework. One evening, the guys decided to play a game, which is located on the Board Ouija. Not many know that this mysterious thing that allows you to contact any spirit of the underworld, as well as visit in another ominous reality. Having started the game playing should pass it through and experience all the delights of fiendish games.

After reading the rules, guys have not taken all seriously and decided to try to play. First game, first attempts to joke that subsequently turn out to be a tragic reality for them. But all that changed in a Flash when friends decide to communicate with the spirit of the deceased comrade. Calling the name of her friend guys froze in anticipation, but the ghosts of the session was not long in coming and they responded. Instead of the expected good-natured friend guys have unleashed a creature that wants to take over their bodies and take away their souls. What you need to do to save your life? The answer is obvious: to come together again.

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