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Even those of us who have never read the Bible, certainly not once heard of biblical meaning of Noah and his Ark. This biblical story and film. Noah-head of friendly and happy family, who lived on Earth more than two thousand years ago. Noah was not rich and not famous, he just lived a righteous life, and the same milestones of your family members. Initially, his family lived quietly and calmly, but then to Noah started coming reference about the upcoming event, which is to destroy all life on Earth. It should be a great flood, which punished people for their sins admit God.

First Noah didn't want to even pay attention to these Warnings, but him in visions, was opened on the method by which he could save himself from the flood and their whole family. Noah wasn't paying on these visions attention until you realized that this is God gave it a great responsibility, and only Noah will be able to save all living things, if builds a huge Ark, who will take over with a pair of every existing on Earth, animals. The Lord explained to our hero, how to build the Ark that can accommodate all that must save from the flood of Noah.

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