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Magic in the Moonlight

Action Comedy Drama "Magic in the Moonlight" unfolds in the late 20-ies of the last century in France. At the request of his close friend, the young English magician Stanley Crawford arrives on the French coast, to expose a mysterious girl Sophie, which supposedly is the storage medium and is able to communicate with the spirits of the deceased. Through its gift of Sophie has gained the trust of a very wealthy family, whose head he died not long ago. A disconsolate widow girl-medium gives the opportunity to communicate with the deceased husband, but many believe Sophie just sharlatankoj, nazhivajushhejsja on the mountain people.

Being the best razoblachitelem fake magicians, psychics and other "gifted", Stanley is sure that soon will reveal tricks girls and bring Jake to clean water. However, close monitoring of Sophie gives no results, and some information from the past Stanley and does introduces his misleading and even makes you believe that young lady can really have some unusual gift. But is it really?

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