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Love & Mercy

At the beginning of the 1960-ies young and very talented musician from California Brian Wilson assembles a team, which, in addition to himself, his two brothers, a cousin and a school friend. The popularity of The Beach Boys starts growing every day, and with it the growing fame and Brian, who became not just a leader, but a real mastermind group. Hero continues to engage in writing new hits that conquered the hearts of listeners throughout the world. With its desire to release the greatest music album, Brian more and more away from loved ones and becomes a recluse. A talented performer soon begins a creative crisis, which gradually turns into a prolonged and very deep depression.

Brian every day is that sitting at home, a lot of drinking and taking drugs, trying thus to somehow tune in the desired way. Pull out the musician from such mental state takes Dr. Eugene Landy, who not only takes the patient under constant monitoring, but also begins to dispose of his life. Gradually it becomes clear that the therapist tries to extract from its own profits. At this time, Brian meets a cute girl named Melinda Ledbetter. Between young people breaking out strong feelings, can help the musician to emerge from its State and start work.

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