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Last Shift

Jessica has always wanted to work in the police force, catching criminals and helping people, and her dream was fulfilled. However, the girl never knew that on the first working day of its life will be exposed to mortal danger.

The main character to be otdezhurit at the police station that is soon to be disbanded and closed. Seemingly, this is nothing unusual, but the young lady was very unhappy with the fact that she would have to spend the night all alone in a terrible empty building. She didn't know what the true Horror awaits ahead.

Once father Jesse was a policeman, but during the capture of another dangerous criminal he was fatally wounded and died. That is why the heroine's mother worries about his daughter's safety and constantly nazvanivaet her to see how her case. And mother's flair woman of fail: her daughter falls into a whirlpool of mysterious and terrible events, which, as it turned out, closely associated with the incident that caused the death of the father of Jessica.

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