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If everything is going exactly as you would like, it is very difficult to understand exactly how to change the person you love. Such is the life of the main character of this film. Megan unknown woes, worries, problems, all the things that often gives life to people. She has a wonderful relationship with a guy, loving sister Anika, which helps older sister around. All would have passed, but the guy was born the idea that requires certain changes in their lives. Their relationship is long enough, they believe in each other. Her boyfriend wants to transfer to a new level in their relationship, and we are talking in this case about this hand and heart. The girl is not rushing to answer, because it is somewhat surprised.

Whether you want to complicate the life of such a complex thing, like a wedding? But nevertheless, love is stronger than the feeling of freedom. Her answer is positive, she will be his wife, but first naguljaetsja. The girl and her sister are sent on a journey. During this journey it becomes clear exactly what she needs in her life. Note that this kinopovestvovanie will love people of all ages. Here you will see what is the responsibility that devolves upon us in the marital relationship.

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