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Just Before I Go

Life at Ted Morgan isn't there he feels unhappy man. When he was little, his father died of a fever, and it became a major hit for him. At school over it constantly bullied bullies and teachers rather than to defend, even more humiliated him. More all distinguished professor of mathematics, which has not the slightest chance to poke fun at Ted. Only as an adult, he managed to eject from the head all the torment that he experienced during his childhood. First and foremost he helped his beloved wife Penny, with whom he was in a relationship for several years. But in the end she left him, and the hero realized that live it more don't.

He firmly decided to commit suicide, but before you do this, he wanted to meet with those who have messed up all his childhood and later life. Many years later he returns to his hometown and moves to live with her brother and his family. Ted intends to see all of their offenders and give them everything he has for many years kept in itself. But what if offenders have already punished by life itself and they fully pay for their Actions?

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