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Hector and the Search for Happiness

A successful London psychiatrist Hector chose a serious profession and, despite good earnings, this work requires a titanic patience and professional maturity. Every day listening to their patients, Hector, who now and then complain about their life in which there is no happiness. Hector himself considers his life successfully established, because he has a good job, a comfortable home and favourite woman Clara. True at some point, Hector realizes that it does not feel happy in his life that there is a certain emptiness and emotional balance.

Moreover, despite efforts by Hector, his patients not getting better, that even more frustrating it. On new year's Eve, Hector is an Adventure that becomes a journey around the world. So begins the journey of Hector in the pursuit of happiness, that will help a psychiatrist to understand yourself, as well as see a lot of amazing places on the planet and meet interesting people.

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