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The Babysitter

At the very beginning of watching a Comedy Horror movie "The Babysitter" we are introduced to a 12 year old guy named Cole Johnson. His parents are often lacking, and therefore the neighbor. She helps him with lessons and protects from evil neighbors. Girl watches his comforts and cares about it every time he remains one. Cole's parents fully trust her. They do not suspect that for face cute girl lurking murderer.

The boy unresponsive crush on his babysitter. He is fascinated by her beauty, insouciance and cheerful character. But Cole knows that it is popular and never focus on the 12-year-old boy. To learn about her life, Cole decides to follow. The boy sees as she meets with friends, communicates and plays games. During one of the games Bee suddenly pulls out from behind two dagger and kills his friends. Others collect the blood of the slain, then begins an occult rite. Cole is horrified understands that Bi actually worships the evil forces. And now he needs urgently to decide what to do and how to prove it to others, not revealing itself. Otherwise, it may become the next victim.

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