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Brawl in Cell Block 99

The proportion of professional Boxer had plenty of checks on the strength of nature. Hard days followed by one after another, leading to irreparable consequences. Now the lucky fighter works simple car mechanic, earning little money, which is barely enough to survive. It so happened that he for some reason lost his last lesson, once completely without wealth, losing hope and former merits. Then had to go fix broken cars to the exist. All failures added the inevitable divorce. The wife did not want to continue with more poverty, dreaming of his own home and a wealthy wife, providing all its needs. She has long suffered a similar lifestyle, gradually losing the old feelings for the faithful, therefore, demanded an immediate parting.

A man lost his job and at the same time a beloved woman, which led to deep depression status, with complete apathy toWards the surrounding world and what is going on in it. He finds himself unable to commit serious, efficient Actions, leading to a change for the better. Need something to Dramatically change in the own preferences, having embarked on a different path. He chooses not to the best possible solution, agreeing to offer longtime buddy become a drug dealer who, easily earning a solid cash. Former boxer diving in the criminal world, acquiring the ability to not think about tomorrow, having a regular income, provides any entertainment. Once he gets into a gunfight erupted between the vigilante, and criminals, and then finds himself in jail among these thugs.

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