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Winter's Tale

Fantasy film "Winter's Tale" tells an amazing story of magic, impregnated, occurred with the young thief by Peter Lake. The film is set in two time points — at the end of the 19th century and today in New York. Sometimes miracles happen, you only need to believe in them. It is a miracle happened with Peter in the year 1916 when he broke into a House to clean it. He saw a beautiful girl that everyone loved Beverly, heart and soul.

However, Beverly is very sick and every day closer to death. Only sincere love for it helps Peter vary, but on his trail go thugs former boss Pirli Somsa, ready to deprive guy life. The truth is, instead of the expected death of Peter flies through time and turns in modern day New York City. He does not remember anything, not even his name, but he sees and hears what is not available to other, ordinary people.

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