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The Night Watchmen

Blimpo-famous clown, which loved the huge number of kids and adults who lived in Baltimore, it really try to find the person not heard about this veselchake. When this clown with his assistants went on tour in Romania, anyone in the head did not come, that could happen something bad. And with really bad luck happened, Blimpo this man died, but not himself, and together with his friends. Romanian investigators could not explain what happened, why it was decided to send the body of a clown in America, as the movers, who often brought various boxes and parcels, many herbs have smoked recently, and they mixed up the address, bringing the coffin with a clown in one of baltimorskih offices.

The guards, who were not too smart people, yet did not want to leave the corpse, but the movers started begging to let them throw the dead here at least for one night, because carrying it already was. Finally guards smilostivilis, they are allowed to leave here the coffin, but Warned that if the problems, they bear the responsibility for it. It was at this time that firm was trying to get a young guy got kicked out of the band, he had no choice but to find any job. He was given a form and told in general terms what needs to be done.

When the guards drew attention to the fact that somewhere body disappeared from the Tomb, they first began to speculate who might need a corpse, but as soon as new because in the puddle of blood, these men suspected something was wrong. Later they will scoot from Orava bloodthirsty monsters, which have become the Office staff after they bite Blimpo. Just get out of the building safe.

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