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A Most Violent Year

The events of the Crime Drama "A Most Violent Year" is set in the year 1981 in New York. This year has gone down in History as one of the most horrific period, when the city was submerged in chaos and cruelty, and Crime rates are broken all the old records. New York has become one of the most dangerous cities in the world, which flooded the street criminals, and large classrooms — corrupt officials. In this difficult time trying to keep your business immigrant Abel Morales, who came to America with high hopes and aspirations for a better life.

Hardworking guy managed to turn their dreams into reality. He also married a beautiful girl Anne, which brings up two daughters. But the work of exemplary family man and an honest businessman who has nothing to hide, being followed by the secret services. NET Business Morales is highly suspicious, more so in the most brutal year when criminal fraud and murder almost became the norm.

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