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A Million Ways to Die in the West

Event Comedy Westerns "A Million Ways to Die in the West" is set in the year 1882 in the U.S. State of Arizona, in the small town of County Fair. Wild West in those days was awfully hot and criminally dangerous place where literally everyone wants to kill each other, where a saloon not only drink but also rude and fight, and people do not produce a gun, even while you sleep in your own House. It is in this location are not fortunate to live the young farmer, razvodjashhemu sheep, Albert, because he has neither the courage nor the courage, besides absolutely can't shoot.

That's why Alberta ditched beloved girl, Louise, had lost more bright male representative. But the appearance in the town of mysterious and beautiful lady Anne gives Albert a second chance. True Anna is not only beautiful, smart and confident, but also is a good shooter. The poor have Alberta there are a million ways to lose your head from such women, like Anna. However, the beauty is ex-boyfriend — a very dangerous criminal Clinch, who comes to the city.

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