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The events of the feature film "71" is set in the year 1971 in Northern Ireland. A clash between Catholics and Protestants reaches its climax and leads to civil War. To stabilize the border situation in Belfast sent a detachment of soldiers of the British army, in the midst of which is a young fellow Gary Hook. Together with the same young guys he will have to perform complex tasks on a settlement of the conflict on the dangerous streets of the city, which is under the authority of the paramilitary groups, where there is chaos, panic and hostility.

But not so much terrible aggression and hatred between Catholics and Protestants, who are ready to gnaw through throat each other, how to be alone in enemy territory, being thrown his fighting comrades. But that is what happened with Gary, who was left alone in the War-torn city. Now Gary will do anything to survive in this Horror and return to base.

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