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Z for Zachariah

After the terrible Apocalypse on Earth virtually no people. Survive only units, and among those lucky ones turned out to be a young Anne, who lives on a small piece of green paradise, surrounded by mountains, fields and empty dead cities. The heroine takes care of a big farm and there is the fertile land that she has to work all the time manually, because gasoline is long over, as well as through animals and abandoned supermarkets. Anne every day not only work hard, but also cope with full loneliness because she can only communicate with his faithful dog. But once the situation is changing, and the heroine meets an engineer by the name of Ljumis, which has long travels in a protective suit and happy to be in a place where there are live people and no radiation.

Ljumis, thanks to their knowledge, produces petrol for the combine and can even make the engine to generate electricity. Heroes are slowly starting to develop economy, deal with all the problems through common efforts, and soon between them developing a romantic relationship. Later on the farm appears another survivor is an attractive and charismatic guy Caleb, who survived a terrible catastrophe in a deep mine. Between Kalebom and Anne turns out to have a lot in common, and Ljumis begins to worry about this. Men are rivals for the heart of perhaps the last girl on the planet.

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