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We Are Still Here

Anne and Paul Sachetti-already an elderly married couple who recently lost his beloved son in a car crash. Wife long cannot move away from the heavy loss and to bring a little bit of themselves in order and start with a clean slate, is sent to live in a small provincial town. As your new home heroes chosen chic mansion, which is located at some distance from the city. family Sachetti with enthusiasm rushed to furnish his new dwelling, depressed that at this House they will spend many happy years, during which time again to love each other.

Soon Ann, which every day suffering from the loss of his child, begins to feel someone's presence in the House. Naively believing that this son tries to leave with her communications, woman persuades her husband to believe her, and calls to the home of his old pals spiritologov, practicing installation connection with dead people. The heroine wants to make sure that the soul of the son is not yet retreated into another world, and waiting to say goodbye to the native people. But soon it turns out that the House lives a kind of an evil entity that little resembles the family their deceased son. Specter has for many years been waiting for an opportunity to revenge, and by coincidence his anger is directed at an innocent couple. Anne and Paul are in the midst of terrible events and to survive, they must understand the many secrets of the past, which hides the mansion.

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