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The Stanford Prison Experiment

Gifted psychology professor Philip Zimbardo of Stanford University decides to spend a very interesting experiment, the main participants are students, and held it to be in the walls of the University. Of the 75 participants in the experiment were selected just 24 party, very similar to each other with the same qualities and wealth of knowledge. They are on a social level, and its ambitions are no different. Participants randomly divided into two groups, and some become prison guards, other prisoners. When the students had been led to believe that they got their role due to personal qualities. Through this experiment, Philip is going to learn how human psychology changes depending on his position in society.

Over the course of the experiment, a few cameras installed observes Philip and his assistants. At the outset, things are shaping up well and every volunteer plays a role. But gradually the experiment begins to go out of control, because the guards, pochuvstvovavshie their power, are beginning to show his advantage over prisoners, and those, in turn, feel depressed and devastation. Very soon things begin to happen that none of the professionals even anticipated, and, seemingly, the experiment need to stop before it's too late. But Philip decides to go to the last and see what all this will end.

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