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The Meddler

Already, an elderly woman named Marnie, which became not so long ago a widow and experiencing greatly due to the death of a spouse, decides to change something in your life, so leaving his native New Jersey and moved to Los Angeles, where her daughter lives. She buys a house in a fashionable area, visit cinemas and other places, trying in every way to diversify your leisure. But more than anything he wants with his CHUM Marnie daughter Lori, which is not an easy period. Laurie isn't too pleased to visit the mother, because it sets constantly Ta awkWard questions and interfere in her life.

Marnie starts to give daughters various unnecessary tips, deals with her girlfriends and even tries to mend her personal life. All of this is not too pleasing a girl who got used to his lonely way of life and doesn't want to change anything. But Marnie believed that Laurie can help see the world through different eyes and become truly happy man. For this she was prepared to go to different tricks, even if the daughter does not directly evaluate her care. Gradually the heroine becomes too obtrusive, and this leads to a conflict with his daughter. What for them both will end this family reunion?

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