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Final Girl

While still a young girl, an orphan upbringing Veronika to the mysterious man, who not only had one girl and did a perfect killer. For long twelve years heroine attended the fight, shoot, hold machetes and take out from complicated situations. Gradually she turned from an innocent child the perfect fighter, able to resist a strong opponent. All these years the teacher prepared her to fight, which will be crucial in teaching Veronica and will benefit society as a whole.

Veronica must cope with four pleasant, at first glance, the guys who actually are cruel killers. The company of friends, led by the ruthless handsome Chris meets with cute girls, belongs to them in a trust and deadly game begins, at the end of which the victim is sure to perish. Stop these crazy guys no one else can. There are killers have good relations, and the police have absolutely nothing to do with them. That is why stop villains should Veronica, that whole life preparing for this meeting. The heroine of playing innocent girl pretends to believe the killers and becomes a victim in their bloody hunt. That's just the killer know that soon they will turn from hunters in victims and will to not to die in the deep forest, where there is no one to help them.

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