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Secret in Their Eyes

The fate of the others has intertwined life heroes Thriller called "Secret in Their Eyes" — three federal agents of the FBI, working in Los Angeles. In 2002, all federal efforts were aimed at combating terrorism, so Ray Cardboard transferred from the New York Office for assistance against terrorists in Los Angeles. Here at the head of the Department's work comes one of the best professionals uboynogo otdela Philadelphia, charming Claire Sloan, to which Ray begins to nurture great sympathy.

Ray all day busy gathering information and searching for terrorists along with hometown Jess, but the brutal murder of a young girl becoming a real challenge for colleagues, in fact, killed young daughter turns out to be Jesse. But the killer was released for lack of evidence. Thirteen years later, Ray returned to Los Angeles with the intention to reopen the case. All these years he was engaged in the search for evidence and now has enough clues that will help bring justice.

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