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Gerald's Game

The wife of Gerald and Jesse went to his country residence near the Lake, to try out new erotic games, which are the embodiment of sexual fantasies of Gerald. Husband catches wife's hands to a bed, and although it has been specified in advance, at the last moment Jesse understands that is not ready for such experiments. She asked her husband to stop the game, but drew on her plea any attention kinotochka. club. Then Jesse, for fear of marital rape, begins to resist and with force pushes Gerald kicked in the chest. Not using force, it does him a significant blow, from which Gerald becomes ill with a heart, from which he died.

When Jesse remains one in a helpless state of tension, it falls into some kind of polusonnoe haze, where she sees various nightmares-rape by her father when she was a little girl, sinister dog, a stocky man who tries to kill her.

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