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On the eve of the Christmas holiday, people prepare to decorate homes, buying gifts, delicious dishes to meet the bright, kind and favorite holiday with your loved ones. Everyone loves Christmas, but Angel family this holiday became even the headache, because in their House to gather numerous relatives, and it's a hassle. Besides, the whole family manages to great quarrel. The wife of Tommy and Sarah quarrel over Tommy's work, which he could not defer even at holiday time, and children Without and Max do not differ a good behavior that leads to punishment.

True Max still believes in Santa Claus and waiting for Christmas as his grandmother Omi, which continues the festive cooking, despite all the quarrels in the House. But a quarrel in the family holiday is a terrible mistake, because according to an ancient legend, in the family of Santa comes, but comes to his evil twin Krampus who does not presents, and selects all the most valuable ...

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