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Jupiter Ascending

Already not brothers, but all the same legendary Matrix creators Andy and Lana Wachowski, continue to create masterpieces closer, delighting fans and lovers of fiction blockbusters. New filmmakers became Comedy "Jupiter Ascending" narrating the Adventures of not quite normal girls with a unique name Jupiter Jones. Simple girl was born and grew up in a provincial town where she works as a cleaner in a typical eatery. Every night Jupiter sees the beautiful, vivid dreams about stars and distant planets boundless space, and has no idea about what is the Queen, which belongs to the Earth, which is only a shallow part of a huge Corporation in the universe.

Corporation governed by three of the heir to one of the most powerful dynasties, one of which is the Bal Abrasaks — rules the land. But Jupiter has perfect DNA code, which, under the laws of the universe, makes it legitimate ruler of planet Earth. To retain power and the right to land ownership, Bal sends his soldiers to search for and destroy Jupiter. However, nothing unsuspecting girl helps the brave Hunter and Warrior Caine Weiss, sent to Earth to save the life of the Queen.

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