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Into the Forest

The events of the film "Into the Forest" is set in the not-too-distant future. Together with his father in forest terrain live young girls Eva and Nell, preferring to nature, peace and quiet a noisy metropolis. Older sister Eva loves to dance, so chose a profession of the choreographer and his entire life is dedicating the art of dance. Younger sister Nell still studying and preparing for exams. The lack of electricity to the East and the West Coast leads the work of the "smart House" stops. Nothing works without electricity, as well as water disappears in the House.

But complete isolation is not the worst thing that awaits the family ahead. A trip to the nearest store helps to understand what started global crisis: everything in the store shelves were empty, gas stations have no gasoline, and people have become embittered. Without cleaning systems water is dirty, people began to taint and badly hurt. The sisters have serious struggle for survival in the forest, and fighting with each other, when aggravated all the instincts, the family ties go by the wayside.

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