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Spouses Thompson managed to maintain Warm relationships in life together. They had three kids, and their House is filled with love and happiness. They all holidays celebrate family, but this time on wedding anniversary decided to leave children at home, and go to a posh restaurant. Their constant nurse fell ill and could not look after her kids loved. But spouses do not change their plans, deciding on the advice of friends to invite to evening Emily. Girl has soft sheets and for the first few minutes of acquaintance, was able to inspire confidence in the interest of parents and children.

While mom and dad enjoyed the solitude of their Chadian fun spent an evening with a new friend. Girl knows children's weakness and easily allows to play with prohibited items she has children with the confidence, and they did not immediately recognize in cute and good guest mentally neuravnoveshennuju manjachku. With each game, it begins to tighten the rules, bringing pain and suffering of small parties. The eldest of the children of Jacob understands that the responsibility for the life of his beloved younger brother, and her lies squarely on it. Guy intends to get out of a dangerous situation and is ready to use tricks and tricks that are unable to unravel the adults.

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