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On Horror film "Demonic" police investigating the case involving the brutal murder of three students, whose bodies were found in the same abandoned house, and the loss of two more guys. The investigation leads police detective Mark Lewis, he found in the home of survivor, but shokirovannogo John boy, which was lucky to stay alive. For interviews with John connects criminal psychologist, Dr. Elizabeth Cline, which remains to be done with very traumatized psyche of John.

After experiencing the biggest Horror in his life, John tries to explain the events that led to the deaths and disappearances of his friends. It all started with a fascination for hunting ghosts and spiritualism. A six-man company became interested in the mysterious and inexplicable things that long years have occurred in an abandoned house. Armed with a video camera, the company decided to arrange a hunt for ghosts, but the guys do not know what awaits them ahead.

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