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Not very lucky with my parents the protagonist of the Comedy Horror film "Deathgasm" — senior Brodie. His father, he does not know, and mother zagremela a junkie in a psychiatric hospital, after which Brodie was forced to move to live with native Uncle Albert, who banged in a religion. In spite of the same age, relationship with cousin David Brodie did not immediately have developed, because the guys there is no common ground. Depressive Brodie loves heavy music and leads a lifestyle Metalist, while David is a Sportsman and a wimp, which mocks the weaker guys.

The school rookie Brodie quickly turns friends from local loosers but soon meets with the same metal fan Zach, after which his life varies greatly. New friends Brody creates a group called "Deathgasm", which labaet black metal in the garage. Will the case into the hands of friends get old page "black national anthem" that opens the gate to the underworld through which work their way through the dark forces that leads to fun and frightening events.

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