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Dark Places

After the Horror in his childhood, young woman, Libby Day cannot live a normal life, because it prevented creepy mysteries of the past. At the age of eight Libby remained an orphan, because her older brother Ben was brutally murdered his mother and two sisters, for which thundered behind bars. Once the sole survivor in the Kansas massacre, an orphan girl has gained incredible popularity thanks to the media, and start getting money from all sympathetic people from all over the country.

For a long time, money enough to life, so Libby was not looking for work, and simply bezdelnichala. However, lack of money forced Libby to agree to a meeting of the Club of murders, "which offers her money for a visit. The Club consists of former police officers and private investigators who are investigating cases of interest, and the most interesting, of course, turns out to be a case involving the murder of a family Day. Dark Secrets of the past encourage the girl to reopen the investigation, but will she be able to once again face the nightmares?

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