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Criminal Activities

Criminal activity is always risky and dangerous, because a trail of Crime, it is very difficult to roll with it and start normal, honest life. However, four buddies and former classmates: Zack, Bryce, Warren and Noah did not think about the problems when they decide to change their lives. After the death of the other guys came to realize that life is short and you need to catch every moment, so investing a large sum of money in shares of a pharmaceutical company. Hope for quick wealth collapses like a House of cards after the news about the bankruptcy of the company, which was under surveillance by the FBI.

The money guys took off the mobster Eddie who, in light of recent news, really wants to get their money back. Here's the only no money buddies. The release of the very difficult situation becomes a deal with Eddie, under which the company must steal and friends keep in a safe place for a while one black boy named Marquez. The truth is, grief, the kidnappers are not aWare that victim was a nephew of boss dangerous Mafia group.

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