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American Assassin

The film "American Assassin" starts at the moment when the Mitch Rapp Education Corporation young agent, zastupivshij recently recruited into the CIA, turns out to be depressed because of the death of the bride became the unwitting victim of a cruel and tragic Crime. He can never recover, so not able to fulfill the tasks of the Director. The head of the CIA sees his suffering and understand that something needs to be done.

Some time later, she assigns the companions the experienced agent Stan Hurley. He must teach Mitch all that knows itself. Young agent from the outset makes progress, but Stan is not sure that he was ready to return to operational activities. The situation changes at a time when there is a wave of unexplained attacks on civilian and military objects. Exploring Crime companions come to the conclusion that there is a direct link between them. They no longer have the time to continue learning, so they immediately start to take Action. Soon it joins a secret agent from Turkey. Threesome they discover that someone is trying to provoke the beginning of a new world War.

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