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Child 44

Feature film "Child 44" is based on the novel by English writer Tom Rob Smith and tells the tangled History associated with the investigation of a series of murders of children in the Soviet Union. The film begins in the year 1952. Power ruled by Stalin and the Soviet people believe in a bright future, despite full totalitarianism. In this country, where there is everything necessary for life, murders are impossible. However, one day, they find the body of a brutally murdered child. The murder of repeated investigation therefore decides to do the MGB officer Leo Demidov.

In the course of the investigation, it becomes clear that for the children, whose ages ranged from nine to fourteen years, hunt a maniac killer. The number of victims is rising, and Soviet officials prefer to pretend that no murders there. The Guide instructs Demidova to stop the investigation, but the lion continues to search for the criminal. Even the demotion does not stop Demidova, as Child 44 on the list of victims was the son of his friend.

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