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The Void

If everyone bangs could know about the misfortunes that beset it in the near future, he would have done everything possible to avoid undesirable consequences. But, unfortunately, people do not know know their future. And because you want to be always ready for the dangerous turns his fate to then was not unbearably painful and scary from his complete inAction. But the hero of the story Daniel Kartrer was not prepared for what his life will be in jeopardy after a strange and inexplicable event. The young man was an officer. And in that ill-fated day patrolled one of the quarters. It is always with a special zeal belonged to their activities and never went past the offended or got into trouble man.

And it was this happen that in just a few minutes before the end of the service he had gotten the man lying on the road directly without consciousness. Carter without delay rushed to his aid. He took him to the hospital. It is from this moment with him have become incredible things. The hospital has turned into a den of evil. And the patient turned out to be a real monster, sent into this world to destroy all of mankind. Cinema Void watch in good quality for free.

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