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A Bigger Splash

On the Thriller "A Bigger Splash"", a popular rock star Marianne Lane underwent surgery on ligaments and it gave her to a long-awaited holiday away from the bustle of the city, friends, fans and journalists. Together with the beloved Paul she rests on a secluded Villa in southern Italy. The couple enjoys an idyllic setting, peace and quiet, which is both so missed, wandering on exhausting farewell tours. But long hiding Marianne and the floor cannot. Their rest breaks the unexpected arrival of friend and former lover Marianne, Harry, who decided to visit friends in the Villa together with adult daughter Penelope.

Preferring not to strain the long conversations, Marianne pretending that cannot speak, but this fact did not bother Harry, who said not only two, but also for the entire company. Cheerful, upbeat Joker everywhere sowing Festival that greatly tire of sex, jealous of his soulmate, since they had a turbulent past. Harry still loves Mariane, as absolutely does not hide, and the silent Diva flirts and plays with their men, while young Penelope devouring eyes sex. Villa soon will be true Italian passion!

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