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While You Were Sleeping

The heroine of a romantic meloDrama "While You Were Sleeping" — a young and very lonely woman Lucy works the whole day long the Chicago commuter train Manager. Private life of Lucy is completely absent due to natural humility and self-doubt, her house awaits only a cat. Every morning she sees a handsome man, but hesitates to meet him. One day, on Christmas Eve, Lucy saves the life of a beautiful stranger and myself not wanting to become a part of his life. Twink Peter ends up in hospital, but the guy falls into a coma and now Lucy can admire it all day.

However, in a farcical misunderstanding of Peter's relatives take Lucy for his bride and cordially invited her to celebrate Christmas with your family. Callahan family in the House fate brings Lucy with her brother fight Jack, to which it binds and begins to have romantic feelings. Lucy now has a difficult task: which of the brothers choose the beautiful Peter or Jack, with whom she so nice and easy?

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