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Fantastic film "Waterworld" tells the story of a future in which the icecaps melted and covered the entire surface of the globe with water. To survive, people were forced to move on boats and ships, as well as engage in fishing for sustenance. Among the people walking around the legend of a small piece of sushi-the island suitable for life, however, he has never seen, but hope does not die. The most expensive goods are: fresh water, you can get it with great difficulty, soil, foods grown in the ground and cigarettes.

In addition to the merchants and money changers in water world there is a gang of pirates, called smokers due to their motor boats and ships, which selects products, robs and kills sailors, gets in their way. Banda smokers naslyshannaja about the legend, swims in search of the island. Once they learn about the little girl with a tattoo on his back in the form of a mysterious island maps. Their goal is to capture the prisoner girl and track down the island, but resists them lone Wanderer-sailor who does not wish to divide the world on land with criminals.

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