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The Bridges of Madison County

Feature film directed by Clint Eastwood, "The Bridges of Madison County" tells the story of love that two people have been waiting for all his life, about how this changed their lives and love through the years, the fate of several people. The plot of the movie young Italian Francesca, in the post-War period, married an American soldier Richard Johnson, with whom they live on a farm and raising two children.

Once Richard leaves with the children for a few days at the agricultural exhibition in another city, and Francesca meets a photographer who stopped outside her house to ask for directions. Robert Kincaid is a freelance photographer, came to shoot covered bridges of Madison County. He used to be the one to travel the country making interesting pictures. Fate brings the two people who have been waiting for each other and finally gained. From Francesca and Robert develops a stormy affair, but time on the love they have very little, just 4 days.

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