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Rules Don't Apply

HoWard managed to achieved to their years. He skillfully invested in new inventions and filmmaking. As well as arranged auditions, where he had the opportunity to select only the best of the best. Detractors were trying to portray it in a bad light. They wrote of his dementia, but HoWard was above these rumors and did not give reporters the slightest excuse to hype. Marla, intelligent girl who has just received the ticket on the big stage, immediately drew the attention of the HoWard Gallant.

Being at the top of the most beautiful girls of America, Marla was happy to work with so closed personality, which runs weight the most contradictory rumors. Upon arrival in Los Angeles the first flight, the girl was razdosadovana the fact that HoWard and did not attend the meeting. Week after week passed in anticipation, and only its outlet became Frank-driver HoWard. Their communication was fleeting and not burdensome. After she received a message from HoWard. He was so volatile man that the girl did not know whether her stay, or better go home. Cinema outside the rules of the show in good quality for free.

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