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The film "Jumanji" tells the fascinating story of the Adventures of several children from different families, playing in the legendary game, perenosjashhuju Action in reality. In the town of Brantford in the new house moves to Nora Shepherd along with the foster children of the deceased brother, whom she is the guardian. Judy and her younger brother Peter go to school, and their aunt Nora cleans out clutter in the House after the move. After talking with a local resident, she learns that little Pjerrishej mansion, whose son disappeared in strange circumstances.

Once children hear a strange sound wafting from the attic, and examined the room find a chest with the mysterious game of Jumanji. After reading only the first part of the rules of the game as children start suddenly from the game appears missing 26 years ago Alan Parrish, a real wild Lion, Rhinoceros, elephants and other animals. Here's the real Adventures begin new and old inhabitants of the House.

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