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Judge Dredd

Fantastic Action Thriller "Judge Dredd" occur in the antiutopicheskom future, namely in the year 2139. Under the strong influence of the Sun, has changed the planet's climate, it has evolved into a dried up the desert, and the population began to reside in several large cities, where somehow you can survive. The justice system is not capable to deal with Crime in the multimillion-dollar cities was forced to create armed units of judges who themselves wanted detained, investigated the case of criminals, as well as convicting and led it in Action on the ground.

In one of these cities called Mega-City journalist is killed. Murder accused is the best judge of the town and storm the underworld as Judge Dredd. The perpetrator is sentenced to life imprisonment in a maximum security prison, but Judge Dreddu was lucky enough to be in the wild. Now the sole purpose of falsely accused Judge Dredda back to Mega-City, find those who framed him and punish.

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