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The Book of Henry

Twelve-year Henry uneasy life, because it was not like other children. Neither those who were his age nor those who were older or younger. This guy was a genius, which very quickly and easily assimilate any information, even his teachers at school often amazed how much knew this boy. It's not just once or twice surprised his teachers, who constantly wondered why his mother didn't give Henry the son in a school for gifted children, and when they asked about this hero, he calmly replied that he had to communicate with normal kids, so it was better for it.

Henry had been a habit, he continually popped the nose in the Affairs of other people. One day when he saw a guy in the shop girl, shaking, he couldn't understand why his mother said that he is not a Lez because no one was concerned, only those two. Later the hero tried to talk to mother about why she is so myslila, in his opinion, if all people were not paying attention to the other, then this society would be doomed, he might not be good for the future. Henry's mother knew perfectly well that her son is smart precocious, she rarely argued with him, for the most part, she asked his advice, and the exciting young son question and could not answer.

Somehow, Henry noticed that with his schoolmate, who lived next door, was that there was something wrong, he did not say this of his roditelnice, and immediately went to the school. This boy demanded to take any Action, because it was impossible to afford stepfather izmyvatsja over this girl. And when it became clear that none of the file will do nothing, because this girl was the stepfather of the Commissioner of police, Henry decided to act differently. But here he was in the hospital, doctors diagnosed this smart guy sore that quickly killed him.

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