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Action Adventure Thriller "GoldenEye" occurring after the dissolution of the Union, on the territory of Russia. British intelligence agent James Bond is forced to go to Monte Carlo to prevent theft of the new stealth helicopter, then in St. Petersburg to eliminate terrorists, zadumavshih activate the latest Russian space weapons under the the name golden eye, which can cause an explosion above any point on Earth.

Several satellites of the golden eyes incapacitate the entire technique using electromagnetic pulses, which means full incapacity. In such cases, MI-6 suspected mafia group called Janus. Agent 007 starts to investigate, in which he is assisted by: posh car BMW Z3, handle-grenade, belt with steel cable, new clocks with explosives, as well as many of the latest spyWare stuff. Of course the thing didn't go without hot beauties and a glass of Martini.

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