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We're the Millers

The movie we’re the Millers is about a fake family that is formed to pose as the “Millers” in order to make their smuggling of Marijuana look less suspicious. David Clark lives a simple and happy life by working as a low level dealer of Marijuana. But things do not remain the same. His simple life is changed to a thrilling, scary and Dramatic life when he is robbed and he is now in debt to his supplier.

His drug supplier, Brad does not leave him and now, David is forced to supply marijuana from Mexico. In order to help him in his work, he hires Rose, Casey and Kenny. All the four pose as a family named “Millers”. The supply of marijuana from a low level to such a high level lands him into trouble. In the course of their job of supplying marijuana, the Millers have to cross too many hurdles.

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