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Crimson Tide

The Action movie "Crimson Tide" occur in the 90-ies. For decades was the cold War, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union the main enemy for the United States has become Russia. Confrontation between the two powers continued. Each have nuclear Warheads that could lead to one of the most horrific Wars in the History of mankind. When Russian rebels seize power in the State and impose martial law, the United States immediately responds and leads the NAVY on full alert. Senior Assistant Captain Ron Hunter arrives at the service on an underwater submarine "Alabama", commanded by seasoned Captain Frank Ramsey.

Submarine equipped with nuclear missiles and is ready at any time to release them on the first order of Government. Ron's relationship with Captain Ramsey doesn't add up, but it's not distracting, when ocean waters "Alabama" encounters with the enemy. The signal from the command was terminated, so the captain decides to act at its own discretion. In his hands are the lives of people depend on the immediate future — whether it will be peaceful and calm Ocean Suchet will present or Crimson Tide.

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