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The protagonist of the film "I.T." . Unlimited access "is a successful businessman Mike Regan made a brilliant career in the world of IT, having made a decent condition and is quite happy in their lives. His company continues to pursue the development of advanced supertehnologij, which cover all sectors, from creating a "smart House" for life, prior to the introduction in aviation. During one of the presentations of the next product, Mike faces technical difficulties, resolve that helps'm Ed Porter.

Chappie also helps boss to resolve network problems in its "smart House", which is a true masterpiece and is equipped with the latest technology to simplify life significantly resulted. But Ed seriously falls for the daughter of the boss, Caitlin, that is absolutely not like a T-shirt, so he does everything possible to cultural "sewed together" nastyrnogo admirer. That's just Ed considers the behavior of Mr. Rigan offensive and starts to retaliate boss broke his base.

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